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What Happens Three days Before Battle

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The cockfighting betting notch is making inroads into online betting. If you are interested in getting the info that call for cheer among the vendors that are online; then you must put everything in place which will enable you land the best among the vendors that are online.

It should be noted that every vendor has its own terms of reference and you are going to achieve the best results only through vendors that have you completely covered in the true sense of the word. The vendor that you can trust must be in the category of s1288. The best that will have every vendor covered can be achieved through the professionals.

Every info that are required to achieve the best results should be delivered to each of the registered players on a platter of diamond. We shall be taking a look at what happens to the bird three days prior to the battle of the ringed square.

Sleeping mat

When it is three days to battle, a sleeping mat will be placed on the floor of the cage of the rooster. The bird should appear clean on the day of battle. The essence of the sleeping mat is to absorb propping and moist droppings from the bird. This will keep then neat and clean ahead of the battle that will come up the in the days ahead.

 Move to sleeping cart

The birds will be moved from their natural abode to the sleeping cart. This is a way of conditioning the bird for the 40minutes of intense actions that lie ahead. The bird that is so conditioned will have the edge when it comes to giving the best results in battle.

The betting site that is worth your endorsement should put something in place that will give you the benefits of getting all the required info on each bird and the history that lies behind each of them.


The food given to the bird before the day is another factor that plays an important role in the success story of the bird. If the feed given to the bird is not ideal; performance on the D day will be suspect. When it is three days to battle; the birds are fed on pellets. This will bring the best out of them. A connection with the likes of sabung ayam s128 that delivers all the info is required.

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