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Ways to Win in Blackjack

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Every year or two newly published Blackjack books are intended to give players a definite firefighter system to win Blackjack without card counting. And every year, the casino remains safe in their profits even though it invades the players coming every day to spread this new system and go to a happy initial retirement.

Most of the “new” system is a variation in the betting system that has been around since the caves began to roll the bones of who would get cutting the choice of that day. The system seller knows that there are tens of thousands of blackjack players who have tried to learn to count cards, but don’t need the time or dedication needed to master the strategy, and are now on the market for a simpler way to defeat the game.

Is there no hope for players who don’t want to learn card calculations?

Actually, there are some professional blackjack players who make a good income in the match without counting. The easiest way of professional gamblers win in blackjack without calculation is to play in the casino that offers gifts to play. For example, some online casinos will give you free money (called a bonus) equal to the amount you deposit to play. You are usually asked to put some actions in their table to withdraw free money.

If you deposit $ 100 into one of these casinos, get $ 100 for free as a bonus, and have to put $ 2000 in action on the Blackjack casino table on the edge of a 0.5 percent house to withdraw free money, long-term costs for you meet betting requirements It is $ 2000 times 0.5 percent, or $ 10. That is, even though you can win more or less in certain games, over time and many of these types of games will be charged, on average, $ 10 to meet these betting requirements. This means average, this game will get you profit $ 90 to be withdrawn with your initial deposit.

Because there are many online casinos offering offers like this, with many that offer such bonuses repeatedly, there are actually professional gamblers who make a living with online blackjack bonus games.

Casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Mississippi and elsewhere will often provide valuable gifts that are similar to lure people to play at their blackjack table. General gifts are free promotional chips to be played on the casino table. If you win on the chip, you save money. If you lose the chip, you don’t lose anything, because you get a free chip. Every time you see a gamble where you can win but don’t lose, take it!

Other casinos offer coupons, sometimes called “Lucky Bucks”, to promote their Blackjack game. A typical coupon may be a “match game” – you bet the amount to a certain extent (say $ 10) and the casino coupon is basically a suitable bet in your hands. If you lose, you exit $ 10, you bet. But if you win, dealers pay you on your bet and play matches. In most of the blackjack hands, it means you won $ 20 for risk of only $ 10.

If you win $ 20 on half your blackjack hands, and lose $ 10 in another round, you have a profit, average, $ 5 for every $ 10 you bet, for the edge of 50 percent! (The actual edge will be slightly lower, because of the cost of the house in your hands, and because the players really win a little less than half the blackjack hands they play, but you will still play with professional professional advantages that Blackjack players will die for. )

The key to winning blackjack from bonuses, free play chips, and coupons is to play the perfect basic strategy (to keep the edge of the house), give a casino as a little bet possible in return for free money (again to keep the edge of the house), and can stay In the game long enough for short-term fluctuations to level.

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