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Things to Consider Before Gambling Online In Thailand

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Thailand is one of the places in the world where online betting is extremely popular and widespread. However, there is an issue that foreign gamblers sooner or later have to face, and it makes them stumble. Online betting is officially forbidden in Thai by the country’s law! Except for a couple of kinds of sports (such as horse racing, for instance), online gambling and betting is restricted in this country.

So how can a foreign citizen bet online in Thai? To do it safely for your money and yourself, take into consideration several useful facts and tips.

<H2> What to Pay Attention To When Gambling And Betting In Thai?

Did you know that about seventy percent of Thailand citizens still gamble and bet online even despite the official restriction to do that? But even in this case when the government has officially outlawed online betting and gambling activity, it is possible to find numerous safe, licensed, and regulated online sportsbooks that are available from offshore providers.

Such sportsbooks https://1ufabet.com/ offer a wide range of betting options, from sports to casino and slots ( the ufa even has lotto!), as well as great odds. But what is even more important, they guarantee you complete safety of payments.

In order to play safe, consider several essential nuances when deciding to bet on a Thai online platform:

  • Before you begin to bet or gamble, double-check that the service you are going to use is regulated by a trustworthy and prominent regulator, for instance, by the U.K. Gambling Commission.
  • In Thailand, sports betting and most kinds of gambling online are officially restricted. Only the national lottery and live horse races betting are considered to be legal in Thai!

According to the law, one doesn’t even have to use real money for gambling to be convicted. Anything that merely resembles gambling, such as online poker, for example, will be penalized. The penalty can be rather strict, from 1.000 THB to one year in prison!

For this reason, always make sure that the website you are going to use for gambling is licensed.

  • Since Thai considers betting illegal, all the winnings from it must not be taxed. However, do your best to keep your winnings quiet since local people in Thailand tend to report gamblers to the police just because of jealousy!
  • As long as online betting and gambling are out of law in Thailand, making a direct deposit from your credit card or bank account will not be possible. This is why, to gamble in Thailand and to be able to get your money, you will need to have an e-wallet like Skrill.

You will also need an e-wallet because most of the local casinos will not accept your local currency most likely.

  • Even though online gambling and betting are forbidden in Thailand, there are still casinos that will accept players from Thai. So before you start gaming, ensure the casino you are going to use belongs to them.

With these simple yet useful tips, you will be able to safely and securely play online in Thai without being afraid of any penalties.

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