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Read To Know Slots Strategy in Thailand for Beginners

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At last, you have now taken a decision to try your hand at some slot machines. Perhaps you have already identified a few online slot games that you like the look of and also liked PG slot ฟรีเครดิต (English meaning is PG slot free credit). 

You could have even made an attempt to play them out. However, so far, it appears that you are just losing money on all these games, and hence not much else you are taking the chance with these games.

Of course, you could be having a good time simply spinning your reels and getting a feel for the slots. However, when you have a friend of some other friend who continuously brags about using casino profit to help pay for his college education, you may feel like you are not doing it correctly perhaps. 

It is extremely possible that this is the case as you do not have a plan.

Strategy a few myths and truths

There are numerous myths and misunderstandings surrounding the realm of online gaming. They span the spectrum from one extreme limit to the other, however, the reality, as is often the case, is somewhere in between.

For example, one of the most typical pieces of advice you will hear from many “experts” who are eager to share their knowledge is to avoid “hot” slot machines. Instead, they suggest going for “cool” ones. Usually, the hot slots are those slots that were paying out more frequently recently.

Basically, it has been raining money for the past few minutes. As a result, the theory behind this strategy is that these machines will purportedly stop paying out in the near future very soon. It is unlikely that they will pay out for a long time.

Similarly, “cold” games are all those that have not paid out in a long time. As a result, once you start to play them, they will almost certainly start raining cash on you.

These are absurd claims that could not be further from the truth in case they tried. They are also in a dire situation. But that is the nature of games of chance. It can be quite soothing to tell oneself things like this, especially when you are losing money and cannot seem to summon the willpower to stop playing. 

People search for patterns always in all the incorrect places, hoping to find them where none exist.


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