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Paris on a pair of blackjack

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Each blackjack match starts with the dealer with each player two visible face cards. The dealer himself receives two cards too, but only one of them is visible; The other remains hidden until the end of the game.

Once the first two cards have been processed, players usually have three options. Players must choose the possibility of applying to their specific hand while keeping in mind that the object “21 Blackjack” is to get closer to the dealer without breaking more than 21 years. With this goal in mind, players can choose to: hit, give them an additional card to add to its existing two cards; Hold your hand like that; Or doubling, doubling the bet, accepting a shot and standing afterwards.

Sometimes, however, blackjack rules allow players a fourth option. This option is only available for players who start the game with a pair or two cards of the same value. Players with a pair have the additional possibility of splitting or breaking their pair to create two separate hands.

Knowing which of these four options can be a difficult decision for a player who holds a pair. If you play according to a blackjack strategy called “basic blackjack”, however, players will know exactly which option gives them the best chance of winning. Based on blackjack candidates, the strategy uses mathematical calculations to determine the best option for each specific hand. Basic Strategy Blackjack tips take into account both the value of the two player cards as well as the value of the dealer’s side card.

Most of the time in blackjack, players with a pair are recommended to divide. In some cases, however, the division will not be the logical choice. For example, a player with a pair of dozens (or face cards) will be better standing with a total of 20 than divide the pair. For each other, however, the best option varies depending on the value of the dealer’s up board. The chances of Blackjack game constantly change each scenario to try to take into account the probable result of a dealer’s hand based on his up card. Players must remember that the goal of the game is to score a higher hand than the dealer. The strategy therefore tends to change depending on the chances that the dealer can reach a high total with what he holds.

Players are recommended to divide a pair in all scenarios but these (“10” = ten cards and face cards):

9-9: if the dealer has 7, 10 or a, stand

7-7: If the dealer has 8, 9, 10 or a, Hit

6-6: if the dealer has 7 to 10 or a, struck

5-5: if the dealer has 2 – 9, double low; If the dealer has 10 or a, struck

4-4: If the dealer has a card except 5 or 6, struck

3-3; 2-2: if the dealer has 8 to a, struck

Remember these chances while learning to play blackjack can considerably increase the chance to have chances to win.

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