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How to Choose the Best BTC Online Casino Game

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There are numerous Bitcoin casino games out there. You need to know how to choose best Bitcoin Casino for you to succeed. This is a guide about the excellent features of suitable crypto gambling sites. You will learn some golden tips for responsible playing as well as choose from 5 of the most popular casinos out there.

RocketPot – The Best BTC Casino Games Platform

RocketPot is a versatile gaming casino that is disrupting traditional gaming through the blockchain. The platform supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and 8 more cryptocurrencies as payment options. This means transactions take place swiftly and anonymously.

Users love the wide variety of games on the platform. The number has already topped 4,000 games and still counting. The team behind RocketPot prides itself in its partnership with 56 providers.

Additionally, the gaming platform is already licensed in Curacao. Necessary audits have already been undertaken and the development team ascertained less likelihood of cyber attacks.

The platform also supports Google two-factor authentication which protects user accounts from illegal logins. RocketPot has a customer-first culture, hence its supportive customer support.

You will also enjoy a hefty welcome bonus of up to 14 ETH as well as the potential to unlock more deposit, match-making and spin bonus packages.

Other Bitcoin Online Casinos


Xbet is a Bitcoin-based online betting platform with thousands of markets around Football, basketball, tennis and so on. There are three popular choices for gamers, Home, Draw and away. However, players can choose from tens of alternatives within one game. The platform processes payouts in either Bitcoin, Ethereum or Fiat.


Bitcasino is an affiliate gaming casino of the official Bitcoin.com website. The platform provides a plethora of casino markets and supports multiple cryptocurrencies for payments. Bitcasino has a diverse gaming community where players can derive support. Furthermore, the platform has a dedicated FAQ section to guide users.

Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino is our fourth cryptocurrency gambling platform with a wide selection of games. The platform offers support for crypto as a payment option. They also have a dedicated customer support team and a thriving community. The platform says on its site that they have to license from the Malta Gaming Authority and have already undergone several audits.


Cloud.IO is an amazing cryptocurrency gambling site with a wide selection of casino games to choose from. The games are built through a partnership with more than 40 providers. This gambling site also has to license and has already undertaken several audits. The platform has in place several bonus packages for awarding loyal customers.

How to choose the Best BTC Casino Games Platform?

A gambler’s secret to success is their choice of the gambling platform.3 features to consider before you settle on any one BTC casino online platform include the following:

Customer support – Sometimes you are stuck on a deposit or payout. The problem persists and you need quick help on how to go on. You send an email to support and they take a week to respond. Maybe they do not even respond. That would be a big problem, right? You need highly responsive customer support at any casino. This will ensure your support ticket is opened on time and you get a reply within 24 hours.

Bonus and promotions –  Avoid taking bonuses and promotions at face value. Learn to double-check and ask around whether an advertised bonus is legit. Sometimes gambling platforms use dubious bonus advertisements to lure unsuspecting users into a scam site. Then lose all your funds upon depositing. It is crucial to also evaluate the available bonuses, whether they are honest and fair.

Payment options – check out the payment options available. The transaction costs and charges on payouts are also crucial. Also, consider a payment platform that supports both cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Particularly, if you are looking for a suitable Bitcoin casino games platform. RocketPot for instance supports up to 10 cryptocurrencies including BTC and USDT. If you are a fiat person, consider a platform that can process your deposits/payouts in either VISA or Mastercard. You also need to have a complete understanding of using crypto wallet features before indulging in BTC casino games. Payment options are perhaps the most important consideration when finding the best BTC casino game platforms.

Golden tips for responsible gaming

Play responsibly to promote a healthy mental status – Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Play the games you understand. Gambling is a highly risky venture and you should know when to stop.

Be swift and strategic – Gambling demands a fast, strategic and accurate mind. Be a fast thinker and remain strategic to avoid making losses. To nurture fast and strategic thinking, you need to be a learner. Learn the secrets of top players and execute what you learn. Also, remember that practice makes perfect.

Learn effective time management – there are so many games to play and you need to know which to play at what time. Be organized, and have a time plan and your gambling venture will always feel like a home.

Learn the art of choosing good gaming platforms – The best BTC casinos have the latest features, a robust lightning-fast system and customer support is reliable. Conduct due diligence before indulging in any platform, check online reviews and approach customer support just in case you have doubts. Remember you should never invest in a gaming casino where bonus and payout information is unclear. We are ambassadors of healthy gambling and we believe every gambler deserves his right.

Should you play Bitcoin Casinos on RocketPot?

RocketPot has made a name for itself as a reputable Bitcoin casino games platform. The platform is a darling to many and is already curving a niche of its own, as the best Bitcoin casino. If you have read to this point, we believe you have carried the tips for succeeding in online gaming. As well as the tricks of choosing a good gambling site.

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