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4 Priceless Poker Tips for New Players

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The dynamic world of online poker is ever changing. For veterans of the game, keeping up with the times is about study, reflection and game selection. For people completely new to Texas Hold’em though, they may be in awe and not know where to start. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, this article is going to help you by offering four priceless tips to help you on your journey into online poker….

Download Free Guides
One of the most common mistakes poker players make is stumbling into games with just a cursory understanding of the rules. This is tantamount to giving your money away. Knowing the basic rules is not going to help you get far. Texas Hold’em is a complex game but there are awesome guides around online for free. Most poker training sites will let you download them for free. So have a look for a poker cheat sheet, keep it near you when you play and follow the basic tips offered and you’ll be playing better poker than otherwise.

Play on Soft Sites
There are dozens of major poker sites where you can ply your trade. However, they each have different levels of players on them. As a new player you will want to avoid playing with the toughest players and focus your energy on playing on easier sites aka softer sites.

We recommend avoiding the biggest poker sites and trying out those smaller sites that are primarily for sports bettors. Why you ask? Well, those sites will not have as many grinders. The people who play on them will be sports bettors who are giving poker a try and will not have the same technical ability or experience that major sites will generally have. By playing against weaker opponents, you’ll have a much greater chance of success. We’ve mentioned before how to find the right poker site, so check it out after this post.

Take Advantage of Free Trials on Training Sites
The proliferation of poker training has enabled less experienced players to gain access to high level poker. Whilst most poker training services are expensive (quite rightly), there are nice deals around if you look for them. It’s not uncommon for coaching websites to offer free trials on their training videos. This means you can get access to experts’ advice and tips without incurring any expenditure.
Naturally, if you like the product, feel free to subscribe, but trial them first before spending. The video below is an example of a free poker training video.

Stick to Premium Hands
Our final tip for new players is to stay patient and only enter the pot with premium hands. This means discarding hands that look pretty e.g. Ace with a low card. By only playing the top 10-15% of hands, you will have a mathematical advantage over opponents at low stakes. Why? Well, if you are only playing premium hands, you are more likely to hit top pair or overpair type hands than your counterparts. So, when you are sitting with ace queen on a queen high flop, you can potentially win a lot of money from someone holding a queen with a weaker second card (kicker).

There you have it, four priceless poker tips for new players. We hope you enjoyed this post and try out the tips mentioned.

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