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3 Top Sports Betting Strategies to Increase Your Chances of Winning

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Sports’ betting is special because you can watch your favorite match along with your wager on the line. Watching games with wager increases the adrenalin rush. However, to enhance your winning odds there is a need for some great strategies.

UFA is a football betting site that ensures you follow the important leagues and try odds minute-by-minute or bet before the match starts. You even get to enjoy casino games like roulette, baccarat, slots, gamecock, etc. If you are a sports bettor then here are some sports betting strategies you need to get familiar with.

Focus on a single team


  • When you have in-depth knowledge about a single team, then you gain time to research the other matchup half.
  • You gain an insight into the matchup which offers a long-term advantage.


  • To win is thrilling but sticking to a single team for the whole season seems monotonous.
  • You miss on juicy lines associated with other sports or teams.

Wager against the public


  • You don’t spend a lot of time in research and analysis of the statistics.
  • Look for perennial winners, big-market teams, major superstars, and die-hard fans club to spot teams that get overvalued on lines due to public demand.


  • It is a simple strategy that the majority will do.
  • Online bookies have special software installed to detect punters, who wager against the public. They can withhold your winnings or refuse you service if it is covered in their T&Cs.

Wager 1%-2% of the bankroll


  • With only a $1,000 bankroll and good betting skills, you can earn immense profits by wagering 1% to 2% of your bankroll.
  • The game turns stress free when compared to wagering 25% of the bankroll, especially when the line goes against you.


  • An average bettor hardly has $1,000 affordability to bet. It is hard for them to observe the 1% -2% bankroll strategy. Therefore, they fall short of the minimum bet or win an insignificant amount.

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